Chinese naval hospital ship Peace Ark sets out for Mission Harmony-2024

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2024-06-24 20:35:10

Sailors assigned to the Chinese naval hospital ship Peace Ark participate in an oath-taking ceremony on June 23, 2024. (Photo by Gui Xinghua)

By Lou Sijia and Yang Xiaolin

BEIJING, June 24 -- The Chinese naval hospital ship Peace Ark held an oath-taking ceremony on the occasion of setting out to perform the Mission Harmony-2024 on June 23.

On the deck of the hospital ship, the troops lined up neatly, sang the national anthem and took an oath facing the military flag. Relevant personnel of the political work group of the Mission Harmony-2024 said that the oath-taking ceremony was held to further unify thoughts, inspire fighting spirit, boost morale, and strengthen the determination and confidence of all troops to successfully complete the mission.

With the sound of the whistle, the hospital ship slowly set sail and the troops saluted the motherland solemnly. The ceremony marked that the troops would leave the country with the Peace Ark and serve as promoters of the Chinese spirit, messengers of benevolence and love, and practitioners of civilized behaviors on the broader world stage with sincere kindness, superb medical skills and positive actions.

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