G7 statement on China full of arrogance, prejudice: FM spokesperson

Li Weichao
2024-06-18 00:14:05

BEIJING, June 17 (Xinhua) -- The G7 statement once again hyped up issues related to China, slandering the country with unfounded allegations that lack factual basis, legal grounds, and any sense of morality, which is a cliche filled with arrogance, prejudice and lies, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Lin Jian said on Monday.

Lin made the remarks at a regular news briefing in response to the G7 Leaders' Communique, in which irresponsible comments were made on the situation in the Taiwan Strait, also on issues related to the East China Sea, the South China Sea, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Xizang, and on the so-called "Chinese overcapacity."

The G7 does not represent the world, Lin noted, saying the seven countries only account for 10 percent of the world's population. Year after year, their share in global economy has kept dropping, said Lin, adding that even combined, they contribute less than China to global economic growth, and their economic aggregate in terms of purchasing power parity has already been surpassed by BRICS countries.

He said that the G7 has long strayed from its original purpose of coordinating for stability in the global economic environment, and has increasingly become a political tool to perpetuate U.S. and Western supremacy. It puts its own rules and decisions above the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and the international law, and has lost its ability to represent the world and credibility among the international community, he added.

The G7 is acting against the world trend of peaceful development, Lin noted. He said that while claiming to safeguard world peace, the G7 keeps drawing lines along difference in ideology and values, hyping up the false narrative of "democracy vs. autocracy," forming exclusive groupings and inciting bloc confrontation, fanning up flames and shirking responsibilities in regional conflicts, sending military vessels and aircraft into the Asia-Pacific to create tensions, and arming Taiwan to threaten peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

"These wrongful moves that disrupt international order and harm peace and security are being increasingly disdained and rejected by forces for good in the world," said Lin.

"The G7 is no longer on the right path of win-win cooperation," he said, adding that in recent years, the United States has repeatedly overstretched the concept of national security, abused export control measures, rolled out unilateral sanctions, fiercely gone after Chinese companies, and encouraged its allies to take the same wrong moves, which seriously violates the principles of market economy and fair competition, and disrupts the international economic and trade order.

The G7's "Chinese overcapacity" allegation is unsupported by facts or the laws of economy, Lin said. It is just an excuse for protectionism and undermines the global effort for green and low-carbon transition and cooperation on climate response, he added.

The G7 is the one truly responsible for "economic coercion" as it continues to politicize and weaponize trade, which is a reversal of our globalized world where countries' interests are already deeply integrated, Lin noted. "Such behavior will eventually backfire on the G7 itself," said the spokesperson.

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